Watch TV shows, movies and much more without Internet cost.

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No internet required
— How it works:

  • Go to an eebo location
  • Connect to the WIFI 'eebonet'
  • Once you are connected, a page automatically opens or you enter the domain eeboworld.local in your browser. Don't worry, you will not be using the internet.
  • Click on 'DOWNLOAD' eebo app if you haven't already done so.
  • After downloading the app open it and start browsing it, you will find:
    • Movies
    • Music
    • TV Shows
    • Educational Videos & Documentaries
    • Games and more!
  • Stream movies while you are there or download them to the app on your phone and watch them later.

File sizes are so small so you can fit a couple of them on your phone, and watch them later. Once you've watched them, you can just delete them from the app

Where to find EEBO?

We are currently not launched. Leave your desired area here and help us get closer to you sooner!

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